greystone.jpg Terracina, by Greystone Homes

Contact: Matt Howe
5780 Fleet St., Suite 300
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: (760) 918-7700

Commencement and Estimated completion: 2001-2003

Project studies began: Jan. 2001
Project planning began: Feb. 2002
Project design and construction began: April 2002

LECE was the MEP subconsultant for this project which was comprised of five building type ‘A’ (15,197 SF each), six building type ‘B’ (18,894 SF each), and 5 building type ‘C’ (19,184 SF each) with a total of approximately 285,269 SF. Mechanical design for this project included heating, ventilation and air conditioning load calculations. Coordination and layout for design of ductwork, supply air diffusers and return grills were included. Equipment selection and layout of air conditioning systems was made. Electrical portions of the design included load calculations, electrical plans, and lighting consultation to establish building lighting parameters. Panel, equipment schedule and single line diagram were also completed. Plumbing design entailed hot and cold water, waste, vent, and natural gas pipe sizing and calculations as required by building department plan checks. LECE also completed equipment schedules, fixture list and plumbing design details. Sizing of condensate drains and design layout and all design of sanitary sewer and domestic water to five feet of outside of building were finished. The project is currently wrapping up and projected to be completed within the next few weeks from a design standpoint. So far no major issues have erupted, and the client has been satisfied with work completed.

monarc.jpg Monarch at Carmel Valley
Del Mar, CA

A development of: RGC/CALPROP
A development of 180 units, (320,000 sq.ft.) multi-family residence. We provided lighting calculations, single line diagram, house panel & outside lighting design. Process through plan check corrections, plumbing design, waste, vent, sewer, gas piping design layout & calculation, riser diagram, plumbing schedules and process through building department plan check for permit.

casa.jpg Casa de las Campanas
San Diego, CA

Provided heating, ventilation and air conditioning load calculations, coordination and layout for design of ductwork. Equipment schedule and mechanical design details. Coordination with architectural and structural to establish preliminary duct sizes and available duct sizes and available scaled diagrammatic routes for ducts. Relocated existing makeup air intake, exhaust fans, louvers where in conflict with new design. We provided engineer stamp on drawings when required by building department. Site visit to verify existing conditions within 5 feet outside of the proposed building. Design of sanitary sewer and domestic water to five feet outside of the building or points of connection to existing. Design was in coordination with the site civil design. Water, waste, vent and natural gas sizing calculations as required by building department plan check requirement. Designed floor plans for domestic hot and cold water, waste, vent, and natural gas, sanitary sewer, waste and vent riser diagrams. Equipment schedules, fixture list and plumbing design details. Cut sheets of fixtures. Provided Title 24 and calculations. Provided design for circuitry and panel schedules, lighting floor plan, power floor plan, single line diagram, electrical load calculation summary, lighting fixture schedule and details.


Jewel Village
La Jolla, CA

Leading Edge provided drawings of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical design to be installed for Jewel Village townhomes. We provided a registered engineer's stamp and signature on all HVAC plumbing and electrical drawings. We also wet stamped and signed six print sets required for plan check and permits, coordinated all work with the Architect and the other related consultants involved as required, as well as making all necessary plan check corrections to the HVAC plumbing and electrical drawings generated by Leading Edge Consulting Engineers.


Gremore Residence
We provided mechanical design for a 10,000 square foot home in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Underground and attic space duct work were used on this home with remote electronic thermostat. Four variable volume forced air units with direct venting were used for this project.

Bercovitz Residence
LECE provided mechanical and plumbing design for large residential projects including up to 8 HVAC zones and radient floor heating.