Expert Witness

Uptown District Townhouses Expert Witness
San Diego, CA

LECE made investigations of 310 units and provided new design layouts to correct the problems and bring the building up to date with current building codes. We prepared reports of alleged defects and provided possible solutions for future action. We made detailed drawings for mechanical and plumbing items as well as running cost estimates.

HVAC Investigations:
  • Water heater combustion air
  • Flexible duct work without proper support
  • Bathroom exhaust fans
  • Flexible duct work at supply air plenums and attics
  • Lack of fire dampers at service corridor between commercial suites
Plumbing Investigations:
  • Sewer line slope in garage
  • Storm drains in parking areas
  • Galvanized ring hanger in contact with copper tubing in all parking garages
  • Corroded flanges and piping at gas mains
  • Copper tubing in direct contact with concrete
    Provided secondary drain piping for tenant fan core units at retail spaces